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Business Consultancy

Our business consultancy is headed by Paul Sedgwick an experienced director in large and small businesses with experience of working within the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and South America. With in-depth experience of working with Government, private and public sectors and national trade unions.Media Diverse is based in Blackpool, Preston, Lancashire.

management process

The effective management and involvement of your employees is a direct link to business success. We can offer a direct and effective people management process to enhance your business towards a profit through people.

Our profit through people consultancy provides for
• Effective Communications
• Organisation Design and effectiveness
• Project management
• Recruitment
• Team Development and effective leadership


Database production

Database production

Database relationships and normalization are essential to creating a dynamic application we have experience, knowledge and tools to create a correct structure allowing well functioned database applictions

Project management

Project management

Effective identification of key business processes and management of projects within them is an effective tool for business improvement and increased profitability. We have experience of effective applications to suit different businesses and an online project / time management interface that can be utilised

Communication (Business and Employee)


Effective communication is essential in the business environment of today. Both electronic and verbal two way communication if utilised effectively can reduce times scales and improve short and long term revenue streams. We have experience of improving communication in small/medium and large companies that operate around the world